Former TV star Bill Cosby rape case ends up in mistrial

Bill Cosby Rape Sexual assault Case fails mistrial

Bill Cosby Trial

The 12 members of the jury in the lawsuit against Bill Cosby (79) could not come to an agreement. The case has therefore become a “mistrial”. The process must be renewed with a new jury. The seven men and five women were asked on Thursday to get together and see if they could manage to come to a verdict.


The judge gave the jury no time limit. But after 52 hours of consultation, the jury announced Saturday that they couldn’t manage. The case is an allegation of sexual assault and drugging in 2004 by a woman. Dozens of other women have come out with similar allegations, those cases had already expired.

Bill Cosby thanked supporters for their support when leaving the court. He also wished a happy father’s day to all fathers.

The Public Prosecutor will now start a new process. When is not clear. Bill Cosby is known for his performance in The Cosby Show during the 80’s and 90’s.


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