Brain Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock examined

Brains of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock examined

Stephen Paddock

An American scientist is investigating the brain of Stephen Paddock, the man who shot and killed 58 people in Las Vegas. This happens because many people wonder if a brain condition may have been the cause of the man’s actions.


Following the autopsy of the Las Vegas killers body, his brains will now also be investigated. This has been decided because, after the shooting on October 1st, much has been speculated about the motives for the massacre. Because there are no indications for a motive, many are concerned if Paddock suffered from a psychological disorder or brain injury that caused him to do what he did.


The city’s pathologist in Nevada has now transferred the brain of the killer to Professor Hannes Vogel of Stanford University. That’s what the New York Times writes. He will primarily investigate possible tumors in the brain of Paddock with the naked eye. After that, his brain will be chopped into slices, then further examined under the microscope.

Among other things, it was suggested that 64-year-old Paddock suffers from an illness that affects the sense of empathy. Vogel says that it is impossible to discover or detect any psychological conditions with this type of brain examination. “The chance to explain this type of behavior through neuropathological research is very small.”


In the past, more research has been conducted into the brains of murderers. For example, the brain of Charles Whitman, a student who shot 45 people from the roof of the University in Austin. At the back of his brain, a tumor was found. But as in earlier studies, the student’s brains were not kept under good enough conditions to get a second opinion to confirm that diagnosis.


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