Brazilian Comando Vermelho Leader Arrested In Cabo Frio

Leader Comando Vermelho Souza Vieira arrested in Cabo Frio Brazil

Comando Vermelho

The 34-year-old Stephan de Souza Vieira is the leader of the Comando Vermelho (Red Commando), one of the most notorious gangs of Brazil. The 34-year-old Vieira was sentenced to 26 years in prison for drug trafficking. Last November he escaped and Sunday he has finally been arrested again in a luxury apartment in Cabo Frio, just east of Rio de Janeiro.

During the arrest, the police seized administration, large amounts of cash, phones, and jewelry.


Souza Vieira, also known as BH, is believed to have been the brain behind a bloody war in the Goias prison. The Comando Vermelho leader would have ordered detainees to invade part of the prison that is being controlled by another gang. During these clashes, nine detainees were killed. More than a hundred prisoners escaped, of whom dozens are still missing.

Brazil has one of the largest population of prisoners in the world. Gang violence in Brazilian prisons is common. The prisons are structurally overpopulated. The Goias prison was originally built to house 122 detainees but is currently housing 421 prisoners.


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