British Emma Kelty murdered by Amazon river pirates

Emma Kelty tortured raped murdered by Amazon river pirates

Emma Kelty

The video shows an English woman who was about to go on an adventure. The goal? Traveling through the Amazon, from the mountains of Peru to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém. We see Emma Kelty both relaxed and excited. These are the last images of her. The British press reports that she was murdered, presumably by river pirates. They cut her throat and dumped her body into the water.

The 43-year-old Emma Kelty, a former London school director, has now been reported missing for just over a week. Her body has still not been recovered, but three people were detained in connection with her (very likely) death. One of the detainees testified that Kelty was first robbed and then shot dead. Her body was dumped in the immense Amazon forest.


Kelty knew it was dangerous to travel the Amazon by kayak. Friends had even warned her. And when at one point a message came through that someone had died in the same region, she jokingly said that she did not hope this was a bad sign.

The original – very ambitious plan she had, was to cross the Amazon from left to right. The region where she started – at the Amazon River Solimões – is known for its pirate activity.


Some days ago, Brazilian marines – who had searched the area – found the kayak and some other personal items belonging to Kelty. Police said the robbers tried to sell the two mobile phones, the GoPro camera and a tablet belonging to the British adventurer. Three gang members – including a 17-year-old were detained.

Emma kelty kayak amazon river

From that statement it appears that she was probably robbed and murdered while camping on the banks of the river. That was on or shortly after the 13th of September; because that is the date of her last Twitter message; a post in which she indicates that she is aware of operating in a dangerous area. “So in or near Coari (100km away) I will have my boat chairs and I will be killed too. Nice.”


Kelty was well prepared, although you can hardly arm yourself in such situations. There would have been no less than 9 men involved in the assassination; of which six are fugitive.

She had attended a few self-defense courses and was experienced with heavy trials. for example, she has crossed the South Pole area by ski.


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