British soldiers arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist attack

Four British soldiers arrested for plotting terrorist attack national action


Soldiers – The British police arrested four men on Tuesday for participation in a prohibited extremist group and the preparation of terrorist acts. The UK Department of Defense confirms that the four men that were arrested are in the British military.

The men were part of the National Action group, an extremist organization that has been banned in the United Kingdom since last year.

National Action

The men are between 22 and 32 years old. They were arrested on suspicion of “commissioning, preparing and setting up terrorist acts”. According to the police, they are part of the National Action group, the first neonazi organization banned since last year after the murder of British parliament member Jo Cox by a man with extreme right-wing sympathies. National Action praises the mans action.

What the suspects were about to do exactly is not known. The four men can expect a sentence of ten years for participation in or support for the right-wing extremist group. They are currently staying in a police station in the English West Midlands region.


The arrests in Birmingham, Ipswich, Northampton and Powys were well-prepared and carried out by anti-terrorist units. There was no danger for the population. Also searches were carried out during the raids. The police actions would be based on information from intelligence services.

Terror threat

In Britain, currently the second highest level of terror alert is active. Earlier this year, 35 people died in an assault by a suspected jihadist in Manchester. In June, a man died when a van drove in to a group of Muslims at a mosque in London.


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