burglars get the shock of a lifetime by a fierce woman

burglars get shot by woman of the house

Woman shoots burglars

Spectacular security footage of a woman from Georgia who opened fire on three burglars who broke into her house. This woman is something. Without regard for her own safety she went after these burglars and made them pay big time.


No reasoning with burglars

This woman did what many others wouldn’t do. The three men broke through the front door of the home, which was filled with materials that were being used in the restaurant that the two home owners own. The security footage shows that the three-man all have a gun and started searching the home for valuables.

The next thing that can be seen is the three men running for their lives. Bullets holes start filling up the room rapidly and you can see the woman shooting the burglars in her comfortable jammies.

The burglars try to leave to scene as quickly as they can and you can see them spread out on the security footage. One of the two men that left through the front door was later found on the driveway with a gun shot wound in his torso. He died there on the spot. The other two got away. One of them even broke through a glass door to get away as fast as he could.

Meanwhile the woman’s husband can be seen walking through the room feeling a little bit discombobulated. His fiance just went Bruce Lee on the burglars asses while he had trouble waking up.


The police are looking at the security footage to see if they can catch the other two men. She has the right to defend her property and did so, because of this she will not be prosecuted. The security footage has clear images of the three men. The police hopes that by showing the footage someone might recognize them.



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