Toronto’s “lunchtime” bank robber arrested by Canadian authorities

Lunchtime bank robber


Lunchtime Bandit – Canadian police have arrested a suspect in a series of bank robberies in Toronto. 4 out of the 5 robberies that the perpetrator committed were exactly during lunch hour, giving him according to Canadian media the nickname “lunchtime bandit”. He looks like a man who takes good care of himself, He’s shaven, polite, has good grammar and he seems to prefer cold hard cash. That’s the description of a suspect police are looking for after five banks were robbed in one month.

Modus Operandi

The robber always acted like customer. He gave employees a letter that politely asked for money while also insisting that he was armed. The man is responsible for robbing five banks in the month November alone. On each occasion, the suspect left with cash.

It is still unclear why the perpetrator struck at this hour four times in a row. “He has some kind of pattern. Maybe he has his lunch break between 12.00 and 13.00, he could be a student or he could have a job in the area.” That was what a police officer speculated late last year.


The police suspects a 20-year-old man from Toronto of the robberies. The robber never bothered, according to the police to cover his face, so his description had been known for quite some time.


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