Cannabis legal in the Netherlands? Think again.

    Cannabis legal in the Netherlands ?

    Cannabis legal in the Netherlands?  

    For some reason a lot of people in the world think that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands.  Just go to a coffeeshop, take your ID with you and buy your stuff. But cannabis and all other drugs are still illegal in the Netherlands. The only thing is that it’s decriminalized. This means you can have a maximum of 5 grams on you (personal use limit) without getting prosecuted.

    Of course that’s really great but it’s still not legal. And this brings a lot of problems, for example; a coffeeshop sells weed, but officially you cant sell weed. Local government’s can hand out a license to coffeeshop owners so they can legally sell their cannabis. The local government’s  however do not hand out these licenses anymore which means you cant open a new coffeeshop. That’s all from the past. The government is trying to close coffeeshop’s by creating new rules. For example; if a coffeeshop is within 250 meters of a school it has to shut down. Several dozen shop’s had to close their doors and because the government wont issue new licenses anymore these shop’s will be forever gone.

    Resupplying a coffeeshop?

    A coffeeshop can only hold 500 grams of weed in storage. This means that a coffeeshop in Amsterdam that is very busy needs to resupply several times a day. You are punishable by law if you have over 5 grams of cannabis on you. So in fact you cant supply a coffeeshop legally.

    You’re starting to see the problem now?

    The coffeeshop’s are able to sell it and they pay tax over it. its still illegal but they can do it. But then again if they get caught trying to supply their coffeeshop they still have a problem. If you ask a coffeeshop owner how he supply’s his shop he will always tell you it just magically appears. He cant grow it himself, buy it or transport it. The reason why they will always give you this answer is because of fear. If they are caught doing one of these things they will immediately get labeled a criminal. This means that all of his earnings are made out of criminal activities and this will lead to him having to pay back all the money he earned.

    This is completely wrong i believe. If you allow a store to sell cannabis you should also allow a proper back door policy were you can legally resupply a coffeeshop.

    Growing marijuana.

    Growing marijuana is also illegal in the Netherlands. You are allowed to grow 5 plants for personal use but as soon as you use any products that make’s them think this is a professional growth you will be prosecuted. This means, no lamps, special fertilizer, nutrients, ventilation, grow tent, time switch or any other product that make’s it seem that you’re not doing this for yourself will result in you going to court and getting a big fine. The police shuts down 16 grow house’s on a daily basis. This gives you an idea of how many there are out there.

    Growing Cannabis

    Local governments efforts to stop drug tourism.

    For a couple of years now, coffeeshop’s located in the south of the Netherlands can’t sell cannabis to foreigners anymore. You have to be a dutch citizen to enter these coffeeshop’s. The local government’s introduced this system. They want to stop people from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France to come to the Netherlands and buy their cannabis here. Street dealers are taking full advantage of this. Try walking through the city of Maastricht without being asked if you want to buy weed. You’ll get stopped at least a dozen times. And the police? They turn a blind eye because they know that for every person they catch 5 more will replace him.

    It got me thinking about where this will end. The current system just wont work. A new system can create thousands of jobs and generate so much tax revenue. But instead we’d rather trip over our own feet time and time again.

    The Netherlands used to be the first country with a system like this and, but for some reason the government is trying to ban the little plant out of it’s country step by step.

    Whant to learn more about the Netherlands or it’s drug policy’s? Click here.


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