Cannabis now available at the pharmacy in Uruguay

Weed in Uruguay now available pharmacy


From now on, weed is legally available at the pharmacy in Uruguay. Unlike in the Netherlands, selling weed in Uruguay is legal and also the supply is regulated by law. Cultivating cannabis in Uruguay is also allowed. Individuals can grow up to six plants per household.

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Manufacturers must first register as growers before they are allowed to start cultivating. Smoking can be done in special ‘cannabis clubs’. Those clubs also have the right to grow up to 99 plants at a time. This policy has been launched since 2013.

Two main companies produce the cannabis, the location of these companies is secret.


In pharmacies, buyers must register. As of today, 10 grams can be purchased weekly for around one euro per gram. At the time of purchase, the pharmacist is forced to scans the buyer’s thumb for security reasons.

However, only very few people have registered, about 5,000, with an estimated regular user group of 150,000 people and a population of 3.4 million. One problem is that the registration is being done by the government, which may scare people.


Foreigners are not allowed to buy legal cannabis, but as research showed it’s not that hard to get it “legal” way.

Uruguay hopes to evaporate a revenue stream for drug dealers through legalization and regulation. Therefore Uruguay is the first country that fights the drug battle by legalization. Who would have thought a third world country would lead the way when it comes to legalisation.


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