Cannibal Couple confess to killing and eating 30 people

russian couple cannibal confessed eating and killing 30 people


Cannibal – A Russian couple from Krasnodar have some very weird eating habits. Dmitry Bakshaev and his wife confessed to the Police that they killed and ate 30 people.


Police found out about the gruesome couple when Dmitry was caught with pictures on his cell phone posing with chopped limbs and a head, reports RT. There was also a picture dating back to 1999 of a severed head served with oranges on a plate.

At the same time, in the basement of a military school a bucket containing eight body parts and a woman’s purse was found. Also, at least nineteen different skin parts have been discovered. The man had access to the military building because he worked there.

to the police, Dmitry confessed that he and his wife have been eating people for over eighteen years after confronting him with the pictures they found on his phone. The couple killed the people and stashed the body parts in the fridge and in pots to conserve the meat. The two used the drug Corvalol to drowsy their victims and then kill them.


Dmitry and his wife Natalia are both main suspects in the investigation. Natalia worked at the military academy, just like her husband. The two would live together in a hostel. According to local sources, however, she is one of the victims in this case.

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