This 64-year-old Car Mechanic Killed 3 Of His Wives

64-year-old car mechanic Theodore Johnson kills 3 wives

Car Mechanic

The 64-year-old car mechanic Theodore Johnson was sentenced to serve 26 years in prison for the murder of his wife Angela Best. He had hit her on the head with a hammer and then strangled the woman with the belt of her dressing gown. Best was the third wife Johnson had killed.

After killing his 51-year-old wife in his home in North London on December 15, 2016, Johnson tried to kill himself by jumping in front of a train. He lost his right arm and left hand but managed to survive his suicide attempt. Johnson committed the murder because she met another man and wanted to divorce him.


The car mechanic had already been sentenced for two other murders. The first time was in 1981 when he smashed his wife’s Yvonne Johnson head in with a vase during an argument in their apartment in Wolverhampton and then threw the woman over a nine-story-high balcony.

His second wife, Yvonne Bennet, was Johnson’s second victim. The car mechanic killed her in 1993 after she had told him that she wanted to end their relationship. Johnson strangled her with a belt after she refused a box of chocolates that Johnson had bought her. Their baby was sleeping in the room next to where the murder happened. The car mechanic was sentenced to serve time in a mental hospital, where he was allowed on leave after two years. Shortly after he met Angela Best.


The case sparked a large discussion in the United Kingdom about how it’s possible that someone kills three of his wives. He is not the only one who killed several wives. Last year, the 52-year-old Robert Trigg was convicted of killing his partner Susan Nicholson. Five years before Nicholson’s death, he killed his then-wife, Caroline Devlin.

Over 100 women were murdered by their (ex)-husband in England last year.


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