American car rental company suspected of money laundering

Car rental money laundering

Car rental

Car Rental – The police arrested three directors of an international American car rental company this week for money laundering. At the company in Tilburg, the Netherlands there is an unusually large cash flow, says the prosecution.


The case originates from a criminal investigation by the national prosecutor’s office. It is revealed that the rental company rented cars for over 750,000 euros cash in the last two years. Remarkable, because the head of the company in the united states says that cash payments are no longer accepted. This created the suspicion of money laundering at the prosecutor’s office.

The independent company in Tilburg rents cars for the international company based in the united states. The headquarter in the united states received a call from the Public Prosecution in the Netherlands to gain insight in the administration of their subsidiary in The Netherlands.

Outlaw Motorcycle club Satudarah

Police systems showed that relatively often members of outlawed motorcycle club Satudarah were found in cars from the rental company. Because of  a message that was sent to Anonymous Crime we could also make a link between the trade in narcotics, weapons, members of the Satudarah and cars from the rental company.
The arrested managers of the subsidiary, two men and a woman, were questioned by the police this week. The investigation should come up with compelling evidence fairly soon, the prosecutor decided to release the three individuals for now untill the entire investigation is complete and they can be prosecuted.

This isn’t the first time that a car rental company is being suspected of money laundering. prosecutors are getting the hang of it and will do anything to get that money back. Statistics show a 20% increase in the amount of investigations that are related to money laundering.


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