Mexican cartels now use drones to carry weapons

Mexican cartels now have drones with weapons attached to them


Drones with AK-47 attached to them found at US border

That drones were used to transport drug parcels is already known. It is also one of the reasons why border surveillance between the US and Mexico is so difficult. Because how do you keep an eye on the sky over a 3200-kilometer long border day and night? Certainly, when it comes to such small devices as a drone, that’s a pretty difficult target to intercept. Newly, however, American customs have recently found drones with firearms attached to them on their own side of the border. Apparently, it was a matter of a ‘lost’ aircraft used in drug war on the Mexican side of the border.


With the attachment of firearms to drones, and in such a way that they can be used at a distance, the cartels now have military grade weapon. Because during the Syrian war drone bombers and drone firearms were widely used. These were called Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles. And those have ended the lives of a lot of people. The singer Anthony recorded a catchy song about it called: ‘Drone bomb me.’

Mass grave

On The website the Daily beats, experts express their concerns about the usage of UCAV‘s in cartels. “With this, they could not only fight each other, it can also be used to attack the police and the army,” said the police. This could cost even more lives than the war against the cartels already does. The arrest at the city of Salamanca – where four men were caught on a truck with firearms and a so-called ‘potato bomb drone‘ – has only sparked that fear. In the same region – in southern Mexico – a few mass graves have recently been found.

Guerilla units

The knowledge that the cartels have access to is infinite. On the Internet, videos can be found from jihad organizations using drones to attach bombs. During the Colombian drug war, drones were used by guerrilla units of the FARC. In addition, the cartels also have their own expertise in the field of drone transport. “It was just a matter of time before those drone guns would pop up,” according to an expert in the Daily Beast.


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