GoFundMe shuts down Charles Manson funeral fundraiser

GoFundMe shuts down fundraiser for Charles Manson Funeral

Charles Manson

The American John Michael Jones wanted to raise money for the funeral of Charles Manson. Crowdfunding page GoFundMe did not seem to like that his idea.

Jones created a special crowdfunding page on GoFundMe. He wanted to raise money for the grandson of Manson (Jason Freeman) so that he could organize a beautiful funeral.

Shut Down

GoFundMe absolutely did not want something like that on their page so they decided to delete it, according to TMZ. By then, the man had already raised a thousand dollars. He was furious and devoted an entire Facebook post to it. Saying ‘hatred, lies, and discrimination’ are spread about the murderer.

Jones, however, does not give up and has now started an action via Paypal. People can now directly transfer money to the grandson of Charles Manson.


Users on social media are happy with GoFundMe’s decision to remove the funeral collection. ‘Is GoFundMe needed? A waste bin does not cost much money ‘and’ feed him to the crocodiles’ are just a few of the comments on Twitter.


The grandson gets nothing of the inheritance and it is also the question whether or not he will have anything to do with the funeral at all. The cult leader leaves all his possessions to a pen pal, reports TMZ on the basis of his will. These include a house and Manson’s music collection. Through letters, the two had contact with each other for more than twenty years. Because he is heir, he can also claim the body of the criminal to bury. If no one picks up Manson’s body, he will be cremated.

Manson Family

Charles Manson died on November 19 at the age of 83 in a hospital in California. The man was the sect leader of his own so-called Manson Family. In August 1969, he ordered several of his followers to kill several people. Victims included actress Sharon Tate and his own wife.


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