CJ de mooi not extradited to the Netherlands after admitting murder

CJ de mooi

CJ De Mooi arrest warrent

CJ de Mooi, a well-known British TV personality, will not be extradited to the Netherlands. That’s what the English court decided today. De Mooi had confessed in his autobiography that he, thirty years ago had beaten a junkie to death in Amsterdam. De Mooi was arrest at the request of the Netherlands  in England.

According to the court in London there shouldn’t have been an English arrest warrant against De Mooi after a European arrest warrant was already sent out.


De mooi, former panellist on the BBC quiz show Eggheads, was arrested last September 21st. After payment of a deposit of £5000 he was a free man again. But he had reachable 24 hours a day and he was not allowed to travel abroad. He would be extradited to the Netherlands on the 28th of November.

Last year the Amsterdam public prosecutor told British media that the case was time-barred. It was a while later when the Dutch police decided that they wanted to hear De Mooi about the possible homicide.


In his autobiography published last year De Mooi wrote that he himself wandered the streets of Amsterdam as a homeless man back in 1988. One day he had a fight with a drug addict after the addict had tried to rob him earlier. He fought with this man and the addict ended up in the canal’s of Amsterdam. De Mooi suspected that the junkie had not survived this.




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