Cocaine baron with ankle monitor disappeared of the earth

Cetin G Cocaine Baron

Cocaine Baron

Cocaine baron Cetin G. (46) has decided to break his electronic surveillance, and is untraceable according to the Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf. G. was sentenced in December of last year to 12 years for a cocaine shipment of 8,000 kilograms. G. was allowed to wait the outcome of his case at home with an ankle monitor.

Criminal organization

A spokesman for the national parquet has confirmed the escape to The Telegraaf. A search warrant has now been issued for G.

G. was internationally wanted in 2008 for four years, for a xtc case. In 2012 the police invaded his home in Rotterdam. The dutch justice department found that G. and others were responsible for smuggling 15,854.90 kilograms of cocaine through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp between 2011 and 2013. He started and bought several fruit and vegetable companies to use as a disguise for the shipments.

The court condemned him as the leader of a criminal organization that smuggled cocaine (but not for the individual transports) and also for the possession of firearms, money laundering and fraud.

Ankle band

During a police raid in May of 2012, detectives found nearly 900,000 euros in cash and a firearm in a penthouse in Rotterdam where G. lived at that time. His detention was suspended shortly afterwards. In June 2014, the police arrested him again in connection with cocaine shipments, including the one of 8,000 kilos.

Besides that of G., many other known names from the criminal environment started popping up as investors of the transport, including those of 8,000 kilograms. These people have not been prosecuted for that case.

In May 2015, the court suspended the detention because it was not clear how long the investigation would take. He had to stay at home with an ankle monitor. On December 8, he was not present at the verdict of the judge. According to his lawyer, he has not been seen since and he has no contact with G.


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