coffeeshop owners take security into their own hands

coffeeshop security

Coffeeshop security

Coffeeshop security – In response to recent shooting of coffeeshops in Amsterdam owners of the coffeeshops decided to hire their own security. About half of the coffeeshops in the center of Amsterdam  is now secured. Coffeeshop owners themselves have hired security and offer 25,000 euros for the tip that leads them to  the shooter(s).

It appears that monday night coffeeshop SpeakEasy at the Oosterparkstraat in East Amsterdam was shot at. 

Wrong policy

The mayor of Amsterdam invariably closes the doors of coffeeshops that get shot at with as reason; public order and safety. The motive for the shootings is obscure. The owners are (intended) victim of extortion or get taken out by a competitor from the market. Several shops are now hiring a security guard even when they are closed. Additionally bikes with security guards on them ride around the city. These are not the conventional security gaurds that you see at your local club. More like the, first punch and then talk type of people. 

The coffeeshops want the mayor to help them in case of a shooting by keeping the time that the coffeeshop has to close to a minimum. 

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