Coffeeshops that get extorted don’t have to close their doors anymore



The City of Amsterdam has stopped pushing coffeeshops that got shot at to close their doors. This information is leaked by the Dutch newspaper “Het Parool”. The condition is that owners promise to share information, and close their store for a week so the authorities got enough time to properly investigate the incident.

Three months

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, according to “Het Parool” decided this after consultation with the Union of Cannabis Retailers and lawyers of coffee shop owners whose stores are being shot. Last year, at least ten coffee shops got shot at in Amsterdam. Previously it was only occasionally that these things happened.

The mayor’s policy used to be to close these coffeeshops from the perspective of safety of local residents and public order for three months or indefinitely. This new rule should discourage criminals to extort a coffeeshop.


The municipality argues that it “can not be excluded that there is a relationship between the implementation of the closure policy and the increasing in the number of coffeeshops that are getting shot at.”

All 174 coffeeshops in Amsterdam have the opportunity until December 1st to sign an agreement stating that they will share any relevant information with the police. They also have to report other matters, for example if a serious conflict arises in their area and they are expected to have security camera’s installed. The mayor of Amsterdam thinks that all 174 coffeeshops will sign the agreement because the owners can’t afford to close their store for three months. Especially the ones that have already had to shut their doors.

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