Colombian Bus Driver Repeatedly Punches Passenger

Colombian Bus Driver Repeatedly Punches Passenger


Sometimes you come across people you don’t get along with at work. However, it’s expected of you to always remain nice, even if you prefer to do the opposite. A bus driver from the Colombian city of Cartagena could no longer control himself.

The bus driver became so angry at passenger David Perez. He kept on pressing the stop button and the driver clearly could not appreciate that. He stopped, but not to let the traveler out. Instead, he gave the man a beating.

Bus Driver

It was so bad that different passengers had to calm the driver down. That did not help much because the bus driver kept punching his passenger. Other passengers couldn’t appreciate the way the driver responded either. A female passenger told local media that she is going to file a complaint against the driver because “She doesn’t want to be confronted with a violent bus driver after a day’s work “.


The bus company responded to the incident. According to them, the driver’s action is wrong in every way, but they also say he was provoked by the passenger who kept pressing the button unnecessarily.

The passenger admitted that he has pressed the stop button more than once. “I wanted to make sure that the driver heard it.” The bus driver stopped at the right point, but instead of letting the man get out, he decided to deal out a few blows. “I had to put my hands up in the air to protect me. He even grabbed me by the throat. I’m definitely going to file a complaint,” says Perez.


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