Colombian teacher forced students to sleep with her

Colombian teacher forced students to have sex with her


A 40-year-old Colombian teacher threatened to lower student grades if they would not have sex with her.

She offered students aged 16 and 17 to help them with their studies. For this, they should have sex with and in return, she would give them higher grades, reports the Colombian Canal 4. All this happened in a school in Medellin.


She sent explicit pictures to her students. One of the student‘s parents eventually found the pictures and went to the police. One of the students of the woman has now put a number of those images online. In it, she can be seen in a bed full of stuffed animals and a pink bear that covers her genitals. In other pictures, the woman can be seen with slightly less covered clothing. The student wrote: “This is the teacher who would lower our grades if we did not have sex with her.”

40-year-old Colombian teacher who forced students to have sex with her


The consequences for the woman are great. The teacher can get a 40-year prison sentence according to Colombian law. Moreover, her husband now wants to divorce her, now that her secrets have become public. He probably did not know anything about the lady’s double life.


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