Contraband in prisons – “staff and guards are the problem”

Contraband in prison guards and staff responsible


Contraband – In response to messages about contrabands like phones and drugs in Dutch penitentiary institutions, We receives many messages from former prisoners. The recurring theme in these messages is the statement that the Justice department who is dealing with the problems seem to forget the staff. ‘Most of the stuff comes inside through the guards’.

Rotten tomato

The press release and the plan recently submitted by the State Secretary of Justice hardly calls corrupt guards and staff into question. But the people whom we have spoken say that is exactly the problem . For some rotten tomatoes, it’s not easy to resist the temptation of some quick cash. In addition, the control on staff is pretty bad.


On Tuesday, Local newspaper Tubantia spoke with an ex-detainee about what happened at PI De Karelskamp in Almelo. The person named “Jeroen” has been subject to multiple sentences in recent years. “Now he tries to stay on the right path, he wants to tell about life within the prison walls,” writes the newspaper. According to Jeroen drugs and phones were abundant inside the prison. In the regular department D, major drug dealers, burglars and addicted shoplifters lived together. Jeroen:

There were certain detainees with whom guards did not want any trouble, for example because they were aggressive or returned time and time again to serve short sentences. The people visiting those prisoners could easily bring in drugs and other contraband. They hid them at their noble parts, this way it was never found. If they had a child, then a popular hiding place was inside the baby’s MaxiCosi.

Phone calls

When a prisoner wanted to have a cell phone, they received help from the guards. Jeroen:

They wanted to impress the detainees, so they would easily arrange things for you. When cell control came, we were warned by those guards aswell. Wee put everything in a prisoner’s cell who had extra priviliges, like the cleaners. Those were checked less thoroughly than the others. It’s common in prisons.

A source within the prison system has pointed out to that for years that the clearance of vehicles within the walls of the establishments is another vulnerability in the control of contraband.

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