Controlled explosion of bomb found on crime journalist car

Controlled explosion Martin Kok Crime journalist reporter

Controlled explosion

Controlled Explosion – The police have released video footage showing how heavy the bomb was that was found placed under the car of crime journalist Martin Kok last July. The crime journalist remained calm when he found the bomb. All he could say was: ‘Wappiediewappo, bommeroni, while the Explosives Cleanup Service arrived.

The bomb was so heavy that probably also the one who wanted to bring it to explosion would be injured.


Police and the Justice department invited reporters to attend a controlled explosion of the explosive that was found under Martin Kok’s car last year. According to the newspaper, the explosive was “forty times more powerful than a hand grenade.” On Monday police arrested a suspect.


Kok discovered the explosive at around 22:00 in the evening of July 2, 2016 in a parking lot of a restaurant along the Amstel just outside of Amsterdam. If the bomb had actually gone of, it would have cost several human lives, according to the police. In a radius of ten meters, staff of the restaurant or bypassers could be seriously injured or even killed.

During the test, a Opel Corsa (the same car that Martin drove) was placed into a pit. It’s unknown what kind of explosives were used by the perpetrators.

The perpetrators drove away in an Audi, which was filmed by surveillance cameras. That night, the black Audi A4 was found burning in Nieuwegein. Because the car was not completely burned out, the police hoped to find useful traces. Martin Kok repeatedly wrote about criminals in all sorts of different cases. Because Kok had conflicts with multiple criminals, the motive of the attack could be sought in countless directions.


Kok discovered the bomb because it was still visible underneath the car. The intention probably was to place the explosive further under the chassis of the car. The magnet was so powerful that it was no longer possible for the perpetrator to move the explosive.

Martin was eventually shot and killed on december the 8th of last year. Click here to read more about the life and death of Martin Kok.

Failed assassination attempt on Martin Kok.


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