Court case for unwanted prostitutes and pizza

two men appear in court for ordering prostitutes, pizzas and taxis in name of their victim


Two men from the Netherlands have to appear in court tomorrow. The two men ordered pizzas, prostitutes, taxis and countless other things in the names of their victims.

The victim knew nothing. While they were doing their thing, the two men ordered anything and everything on their behalf: taxis, escorts, pizzas. The two suspects will have to appear in court in Rotterdam tomorrow at 1.30 pm.


It does not happen often that the Public Prosecution calls something ‘bizarre’. A 25-year-old Rotterdammer and a 24-year-old man from Schoonhoven were arrested in July of this year on suspicion of ‘stalking‘. The men were ‘structurally’ bothering their victims by sending pizzas, plumbers, prostitutes and even a funeral director to their house.


The case came to light when a few detectives were eating in a restaurant in Rotterdam. The owner explained that one of the orders that should have been delivered was not accepted at the delivery address because the residents had not ordered anything. In the same week, the police received a report from these owners of ‘stalking’, on which the criminal investigation department started to investigate the perpetrators.


There also appear to have been victims in Spijkenisse, Utrecht, and Bodegraven. In these cases, the victims receive unwanted visits from various service providers and are harassed, insulted and threatened over the telephone.


Who is behind this and what are there motives? why, do you ask yourself? Tomorrow we might know more when the judge starts questioning the men. The police caught the suspects in the act. Their phones and computers have been seized and have been searched.


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