Crime reporter Martin Kok survived assassination attempt without even noticing

crime reporter Martin Kok

Martin Kok

Late last year we published an article about the murder on crime reporter Martin Kok. Till this day it’s still unknown who actually committed the murder. Martin made a lot of enemies during his career as journalist. He published some major articles about key figures in the Dutch criminal environment. Martin Kok, a former professional criminal that turned in to a leading crime reporter.

Today we managed to get our hands on some security footage that showed an earlier assassination attempt on Martins life. The weird thing? Martin and the person with him at that time didn’t even notice a thing. The assassins aimed the gun at martins head from a short distance but for some reason the gun doesn’t go of. The men decided to run away at that point.

Later that evening Martin was shot and killed while leaving a sex club that he attended often.


He knew the risks and with this there came frequent attacks on his life. Bombs under his car, Gunfire on his house and bullet holes in his car. Martin has seen it all. But faced by it ? No, not in the slightest. He laughed it off and kept driving his Mercedes-Benz with 9 bullet holes in it proudly.

Crime reporter journalist martin kok

Who did it?

Martin had to many enemies. So many in fact that even the ones closest to him are not able to say who they think is responsible for this. “Martin made so many enemies in the last one and a half years, really, I am not exaggerating if I say there are at least 500 people that he pissed of in some way” according to his staff at Vlinderscrime.


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