300 kilo cocaine found by customs officer hidden inside air compressor

300 kilo cocaine


Friday October 21st. Customs in the Netherlands have found a large amount of cocaine. The batch contained nearly 300 kilo cocaine. The police took over the investigation on the case. Customs found the drugs during an inspection at a transporting company in Brabant inside two compressors that were stalled in a truck. The customs officers did not trust it. Further investigation proved his gut feeling was right : inside the compressor tank was a large quantity of narcotics hidden.

300 kilo cocaine

The police was alerted and the compressors got transported to the nearest police station where they were cut open. Agents found in blue-clad plastic covered packages with a total of almost 300 kilo of narcotics. After some testing the officers found out that it the packages contained cocaine. The street value of the cocaine is around 15 million according to the police chief. Someone is going to be very unhappy and the police is scared that this cocaine seizure will cause a lot of disturbance in the criminal environment.

Transporting company

Police are investigating everyone, including the provider of the load. As far as is now known, the conveyor has not been aware of the cocaine. No arrests have been made.


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