Daughter English actor John Michie found dead at festival

daughter english actor John Michie Louella Michi found dead at Bestival Festival

John Michie

The 25-year-old model and dancer Louella Michie was found dead during the Bestival in Dorset (in the south of England). Louella was the daughter of the famous British actor John Michie who played in Coronation Street.

The girl disappeared around 01:00 after a concert of the Pet Shop Boys. Friends who were worried about the 25-year-old Michie called the police. Officers found the girl dead in the forest, after which immediately a forensic investigation took place.


A 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. The police especially want to clarify the circumstances in which the girl died.

The family doesn’t believe the 28-year-old of man murdered their daughter. “It’s not a murder, they were friends. It was a tragic mistake, a terrible accident. “Sources of The Sun report that she has probably” taken an unknown substance that was too powerful. ” Probably drugs, for which the police warned just before the start of the festival.


The girl was found dead at the Bestival festival. This year the festival was held for the thirteenth time. The festival, which attracts 22,000 people, lasted three days and had headlines such as The XX and The Petshop Boys.

Louella Michie

Louella would have celebrated her 26th birthday this Monday. She attended the theater school and worked as a model, professional dancer and yoga instructor. Friends said she has the most beautiful soul.

John Michie

Father John Michie is a well-known actor in England. He played Karl Munro in Coronation Street from 2011 to 2013. In addition, he performed the role of detective Robbie Ross in the Taggart series and played a neurosurgeon in the BBC series Holby City. John is in a relationship with the professional dancer Carol Fletcher.

John Michie Daughter Louella Michie found dead during Bestival Festival


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