Diamond seller confesses to setting up fake robbery

Diamond seller fake staged robbery

Diamond Family

Diamond – The Diamond seller Mischa van Gelder from Amstelveen confessed that he staged the entire robbery on his business in which they claimed to have lost millions of dollars worth of diamonds. The family business now apologizes to ‘police, justice, customers and suppliers’. That is what The Parool reported today.

The diamond family claimed 3.5 million euros at their insurance company after their staged robbery. The insurance paid but did not fully trust what happened and switched to private detectives. They discovered the fraud after months of investigating.


The story of the jewelry retailer last year was as follows. After finishing his business in Amstelveen on November the 9th, the man went home. A man waved to him in his street. When he stopped for the man, he pulled out a gun and forced him to return to the store. On arrival there were two more robbers, according to the victim. The man was tied up by the robbers and locked in his vault. Inside the safe he managed to call the police. The perpetrators went away with a lot of jewels with a value of over 4 million euros.


However, now it appears that Director Mischa van Gelder collaborated with the robbers and that he had devised a plan to collect millions of insurance money. Van Gelder announced this last week after being arrested in April. Van Gelder worked with 25-year-old Danny S., a man from Ede who is well-known in the gypsy scene. The agreement was that S. would keep the jewelry while Van Gelder would collect the insurance money, according to Het Parool.

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