Djordy Latumahina shot and killed in front of his wife and child

Djordy Latumahina


Amsterdam was the stage of several brutal murders this week. One of the incidents happened in a parking garage in Amsterdam New-West. The 31-year-old Djordy Latumahina was shot and killed in front of his wife and child. The suspected getaway car was found burnt out in the nearby Heemstede street.

djordy latumahina picture

Beautiful family ripped apart

The fatal shooting happened in the parking garage underneath the apartment of Djordy. Djordy was in the car with wife and child. His wife was hit and is in critical condition. The child is unharmed.

The child will have a life long-lasting trauma. Just from looking at how this is done I can tell these are the lowest kind of killers. No honor and no code. These guys don’t know the language of the streets. They could have wait for another time. At least wait for the child and wife to have left the place. This is an international language. You don’t harm someone in front of their family and you don’t claim unnecessary lives. His wife had nothing to do with it and ends up paying a huge price.

Djordy Latumahina

Family members and friends told us that Djordy wasn’t a criminal. He ran a publicity agency and during the evening he worked as a DJ. He’s not a known person to the police and the man’s friends think that it is a fatal mistake. “You never know, but in my opinion this is a mistake. I’m 99.9% sure”.

Camera footage

The incident happened during the middle of the day and the police hopes that there are people who’ve seen the faces of the suspects.

Police calls witnesses to report themselves. People who have footage of the incident or the environment will be asked to make them available to the police. Local residents responded Saturday night to RTV North-Holland. “It is frightening close, it could have been me who walked there and caught a stray bullet or you can find yourself amidst a shooting,” because they happen often in Amsterdam these days.


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