Drone gang jailed for smuggling drugs into prisons

Drone gang jailed for smuggling drugs into prisons

Drone Gang

Drone gang – In England, a gang of 10 men and 1 woman was convicted this week for smuggling drugs, phones, sim cards and other things into prisons. They used drones to smuggle the items. Sometimes the products were dropped in the yard and other times they were delivered to the window of the detainees.

In total, the suspects (ranging from 19 to 51 years old) were sentenced to 37 years in prison. The supposed leader of the gang and also drone pilot, the 38-year-old Mervyn Foster, was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison. His 37-year-old right-hand man, Craig Hickinbottom, who operated from prison, was sentenced to seven years and two months.


Between July 2015 and May of this year, a total of 49 flights were made. Among the things smuggled were; ecstasy, cocaine, hashish, mobile phones, sim cards, screwdrivers, saws and even a Freeview box with remote control. British authorities estimate that almost €1.4 million worth of drugs alone has been smuggled into the prison. In nine prisons across the country, such deliveries were made.

Last year, 27-year-old Daniel Kelly was sentenced to 14 months in prison for two proven cases of smuggling with a drone.



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