Drug Baron Luiz Carlos da Rocha arrested after 30 years

Luiz Carlos da Rocha

Luiz Carlos da Rocha

Luiz Carlos da Rocha – In Brazil, one of the country’s biggest drug traffickers was arrested this Saturday after managing to stay out of police hands for over three decades.


Drug baron Luiz Carlos da Rocha was finally caught when police decided to do 25 raids at different locations. Over 150 officers were active during the police raids. His right hand man was also arrested. In the same action, the police captured millions of dollars worth of cars, aircrafts, some farms and other property’s. British newspaper The Guardian reports this.


The operation was called ‘Spectrum’, meaning ‘spirit’ in Latin because the drug boss remained elusive for a long time. The Brazilian police have been looking for Da Rocha for over 30 years, who was always able to stay out of the hands from the authorities. “He lived discreetly and in the shadows,” a policeman reported. Da Rocha even underwent plastic surgery, and lived under another name: Vitor Luiz de Moraes. The police could identify him by using old photographs. They compared those photos with the false identification card they found in the house where he was detained.


The drug baron earned his money with the production and trade of cocaine from South America to Europe and the United States (believed to be around 90 million euros). He was the supplier of drug dealers in major parts of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Da Rocha had painted his hair for a while, which gave him the nickname “Whitehead”. His organization worked with its own army, which used a lot of violence. The Brazilian media speculates that the drug baron could go to prison for 50 years. Therefore he will most likely die in prison.

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