Large group of drug dealers on the Dark Web arrested

Dark web d

Dark web

Dark web – With the arrest of six Dutchmen, the Royal Marechaussee has rolled up the last part of a network that delivered drugs worldwide. The suspects would have sent 500kg of hard drugs via the regular legal mail to customers around the world ranging from Russia to America and European countries.

The suspects, aged 21 to 55, come from the cities Lelystad, Hilversum and Haarlem. The justice department considers them to be the heads of the criminal gang. Previously, four other Dutch people have been arrested in the same investigation.

Puzzle boxes

At eleven searches of homes and commercial compounds, police found approximately 70 kilograms of amphetamine, XTC, cocaine, LSD and a firearm. In addition, cash machines, packaging materials, 35,000 euros cash and 10 luxury vehicles were seized.

The drugs were assembled in a storage unit in Hillegom and packaged in puzzle boxes. These puzzles were then sent as postal packages throughout the world through legal postal services.

Dark Web Markets

The suspects offered the drugs through marketplaces on the so-called dark web. Customers could pay with bitcoins, ensuring anonymity. Communication between the suspects and between themselves and customers was done through pgp phones. Drugs is not the only thing that you can get on these so-called “Markets”. Hacked credit cards, weapons, malware and hundreds of other products can be bought through these sites.


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