Drug dealers throw $200.000 worth of cocaine out of car during chase

drug dealers

Drug dealers

A spectacular chase this week in Belgium. Two drug dealers got in a high-speed chase with the police on the ring road of Antwerp. During this crazy ride they decide to throw packages of cocaine out of the window. Video footage of the police chase can be seen below.

The car reached speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour on one of the busiest roads of Belgium, the ring of Antwerp. Pursued by two police officers from the “Cell Patrol and Surveillance” unit of the Belgium police force.


The dealers to stay out of the hands of their pursuers for 7 minutes. Finally, after they passed the Kennedy Tunnel they got pinched by 3 police cars. Who then brutally arrested the two men in the car. Along the way they throw four large packages of cocaine out of the car and over the edge of the overpass. Police managed to retrieve parts of the packages which are now being used as evidence.

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