Drunk russian shoots and kills nine people after heated argument

Drunk russian kills argument

Drunk Russian

A drunk 45-year-old Russian was arrested this week after he shot and killed nine people after a heated argument in a village northwest of the capital Moscow. It’s reported that he forced one of his victims to dig her own grave, she refused. Her body was later found in the back of the man’s trunk. One 21-year-old managed to survive to shootout by hiding under a blanket. The woman is currently receiving psychological and medical treatment. The police will try to get a statement from the woman as soon as her conditions allows it.

According to the Russian authorities, several people gathered for a cozy evening in a Redkino house when a conflict arose. The suspect would then have left only to return again with a firearm.

Once inside the man started shooting around. Nine people were killed during the event, five men and four women. According to the research team, the man was heavily affected by alcohol. Why the fight erupted is not known. The police are now investigating the massacre.

We all know what drunk russians are capable of. If you need a reminder, check out the video below. It will refresh your mind !


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