Major dutch financial institution accessory in drug trade Mexican cartels

Laundering Drug money Rabobank


News leaked out that a major bank from the Netherlands will have to appear in court. The bank in question is the Rabobank. Several unknown individuals decided to take the Rabobank to court because of the suspected laundering of drug profits of Mexican cartels. Criminal Lawyer Goran Sluiter believes there’s enough reason for this because the company in question is a subsidiary of the Rabobank.

Sufficient evidence 

The US Justice department is currently investigating the laundering of Mexican drug profits by this subsidiary of the Rabobank in Calexico, the US border town next to the Mexican city of Mexicali. This border crossing in central Mexico is controlled by the Sinaloa cartel. The Rabobank has been warned several times in  2006 by federal authorities stating that there were signs of money laundering. Bloomberg has reported that the US Justice department has sufficient evidence that would support a subpoena from the bank. The subsidiary of the Rabobank in Calexico has since been closed.

Criminal drug organization

The accusation in the Netherlands is done by a Mexican living in the Netherlands, who represents a human rights organization. According to him, financial institutions such as the Rabobank play a key role in the existence of these drug cartels. He wants prosecution of the bank and the executives for complicity in murder and crimes against humanity. These banks are just as guilty as the cartel members. They both belong to a criminal organization. The only difference is that one walks in a suit and tie.

No time for waiting

Lawyer Shutter will not wait for a summons from the bank in the United States to avoid the Prosecution dismissing the declaration because there is already a case in that country. Rabobank declined to give any comments about the accusations.

Although there are facts known about the facilitating of money laundering and the British bank HSBC even admitted to having laundered for 820 million euros for drug cartels, this only leads to settlements but never prosecutions. HSBC was not prosecuted because the British Government expected that this could have serious consequences for the financial sector in the world.

The Rabobank has been in the news several times for the same reason. Click here if you want to read about a case dating back to late 2015.


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