Two Dutch drug smugglers sentenced to 18 years in prison

Dutch drug smugglers

18 years in a british prison for two dutch drug smugglers

The Daily Mail reports that the two men from Eindhoven Niels Wartenbergh and Ricardo Vorstenbosch were sentenced to 18 years for drug trafficking by helicopter. The dutch drug smugglers  can enjoy 18 years in a British cell now. They had 103 kilo of hard drugs with them (43 kilograms of cocaine and 60 kilograms of heroin) and tried to fly from Belgium to Kent.

The accomplice of the two Dutch men Joseph Peel who was driving the getaway car got 16 years in prison. It’s a quick way to earn money if it had succeeded, because I believe that they could have earned a lot of money within half an hour. But as you see, it is not always worth it because now they can spend their youth in an English cell.

April 2016

Dutch drug smugglers

In April, two Dutch men were arrested in Britain after a helicopter wanted to smuggle 103 kilo of narcotics from Belgium to England. Niels Wartenbergh (27) and the 26-year-old Ricardo Vorstenbosch from Aalst-Waalre which is a small village near Eindhoven.

Thursday afternoon the police in Kent noticed packages were being dropped out of a helicopter. 38-year-old Joe Peel from North Kensington was immediately arrested by the British police. It involved 43 kilograms of cocaine and 60 kilograms of heroin which was packed in sports bags. The drugs street value runs into the millions.

Helicopter & Search warrant


The helicopter was found at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey. Here the two Dutch men were arrested. The helicopter was seized. At the request of the British authorities the dutch police searched the houses of the two Dutch suspects. In one house a working cocaine lab was found beneath the garage. The lab was behind a mirror of a gym. The lab was well hidden and the mirror was stuck with magnets and could therefore be removed easily. The authorities found a firearm and a large quantity of narcotics.

 The Daily mail is doing their best to remove the video’s from YouTube because they don’t like people jacking their shit. If the video doesn’t work you can view it by clicking here.


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