Dutch Lola (18) and Monica (20) auction their virginity

Two dutch girls auctioning virginity through german escort website cinderella escorts

Auctioning Virginity

Two young Dutch women are causing some uproar at home and abroad because they would auction their virginity online on a controversial German site. According to Cinderella Escorts, it is about two girls aged 18 and 20 who offer themselves through a remarkable movie.

“I’m selling my virginity because I have not found the right person for that yet,” says Monica in a whispering tone in the movie. The shy brunette explains in English that she wants to pay her study in this way. “University is not cheap …”

two dutch girls auctioning their virginity through german cinderella escort

That can be read on Cinderella Escorts, a liked German website full of escort profiles. On her profile, she is described as “a beautiful girl from the Netherlands”. Surnames are not included. In order to convince the visitor that it is not a publicity stunt, the ladies have submitted their own videos and on the photo, they pose with a paper on which Cinderella Escorts is written. It would also be possible to request interviews with the women through the Cinderella Escorts website.


The other girl who also came from the Netherlands, “Lola“, is 18 years old. She also has a series of pictures of which some in underwear, online. On several pictures, Lola seductively looks into the camera. The 18-year-old fully recognizable in the picture. She also explains why she’s selling her virginity: “People rarely stay with the person they lose their virginity to. So I do not see why I can not give my virginity to a man who gives me some money in return … ”

The ad for Monica and Lola’s virginity is placed on the German website Cinderella Escorts, where their profiles are listed under the heading ‘virgins’. The controversial website has been featured several times on the news about girls who sell their virginity.


British media are starting to call this trend a concerning trend. The Sun published a large article on the story of the 26-year-old Jasmin.

Her story resembles that of Monica and Lola. They have little faith in finding a nice man, need money for their studies and see no problem in selling their bodies. “I like it that we can decide what we want to do with our bodies,” argues Monica.


In the Netherlands, that is not entirely the case. The sale of your virginity is not permitted by law in the Netherlands, writes Het Nieuwsblad. That’s why the ladies arrange everything through Germany. The final meeting with the girls will, therefore, take place in its neighboring country.

Lola is looking forward to it. “I prefer to do this in such a way other than being hurt by someone who leaves me when he’s done with me …”


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