Dutch priest suspect in police investigation on child pornography

child pornography priest nico s

Child pornography 

Child pornography priest – A 53-year-old Dutchman who works as a pastor at Schiphol airport was arrested in Cambodia on suspicion of producing child pornography. Nico S. has been working on Schiphol since 2013, offering help to travelers who need it.

This is not the first time a priest from the catholic church is suspected of producing or sharing child pornography. In July of last year a Roman Catholic priest was arrested on 500 counts of Child Pornography.


Khoem Vando, Program Director of Action Pour Les Enfants (Aple), a Cambodian organization that combats child abuse tried to locate S. after a they received a tip from an informant.

In early December of last year we received information about a foreigner who tried to seduce children in to taking nude photos. He worked carefully, taking his time to form a bond with the children. As a result he managed to seduce a large amount of children to pose for him. He supposedly paid underaged boys between 3 to 5 dollars to take erotic pictures of them. Another case is known where he offered a bike to a child if he’d let him take nude pictures of him.

Catholic Church

Among other things, he was involved in assisting the survivors of the MH17 disaster. Formally he is working for the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands. S. was detained in the Cambodian city Siem Reap this Tuesday.


Nearly 1300 nude pictures were found on his camera, according to the police. The boys were all younger than the age of fifteen. He is not suspected of having sexual intercourse with the boys. According to Cambodian media, S. has been in Cambodia since 2011.


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