Eleven people brutally killed during child’s birthday party in Mexico

Eleven dead at childs birthday party in Mexico

Birthday Party

In Mexico, eleven people were brutally killed at a child’s birthday party. Several Mexican media stations reported this today.

The murders took place in the city of Tizayuca just north of Mexico City. During a birthday party of a small child, several people stormed the house and killed eleven people who attended the child’s party.


The perpetrators did not use any firearms but only brought knives and other stabbing / slashing weapons. The victims are seven women and four men, including two minors. The four other minors at the party remained unharmed.


Why the perpetrators wanted the men and women dead is unknown. One of the victims was later identified as a Mexico city police officer. The home owner had been convicted of kidnapping charges and spent time in jail. Police believes the home owner was involved in organized crime and this incident was a way to “settle a score”. No arrests have been made.

In 2007 President Felipe Calderon sent in the military to fight the cartels, since then over a 100,000 people have been killed and 30,000 people are missing.


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