Colombia’s ELN Rebels Attack Hours After First Truce Period Ended

Colombias ELN Rebels Attack Only Hours After First Truce Period Ended


The Colombian guerrilla movement ELN has carried out attacks against the Colombian government this Wednesday. This happened shortly after the expiry of a truce with the government, according to high ranking military sources. President Juan Manuel Santos stated that this can have serious consequences for the peace talks with the rebels.

ELN fighters used, explosives to blow up an oil pipeline. The pipeline was damaged in at least two places. Also, two soldiers were wounded by an attack with a grenade on a naval base in Arauquita.


President Juan Manuel Santos reacted disappointed. “I regret ELN’s decision to continue with their terrorist attacks,” He said. “The government was and is always prepared to extend the truce.” The president said he would talk to his chief negotiator to search for a solution.

In December, ELN’s leaders stated that they were still open to an extension of the cease-fire, provided negotiations with President Santos were ‘meaningful’. The movement is known for attacking oil pipelines and carrying out kidnappings. Last summer, Dutch reporter Derk Bolt and his cameraman, Eugenio Follender, were briefly captured and detained by the rebel movement.

The Guerrilla movement claims to stand up for the poor farmers and is against the privatization of natural resources.


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