ELN wants to release Dutch journalist Derk Bolt as soon as possible

Dutch journalist Derk Bolt Captured ELN terrorist release soon

Derk Bolt 

Guerilla Movement ELN says the want to release the two abducted Dutch journalist Derk Bolt and his cameraman Eugenio Follender as soon as possible. That has been announced this Wednesday’s on the websites movement, from the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. Derk Bolt is known in the Netherlands as the presenter of the show “Spoorloos”. A show that focused on finding missing loved ones.

Armed conflict

The guerrilla movement (Ejército de Liberación Nacional) says to investigate the abduction of the two Dutch men and is currently searching for who is in possession of them. According to the movement, there is an armed conflict in the area. As a result, security can be offered through preventively restricting the freedom of persons from outside the area temporarily. Due to the absence of fast communication tools, we have not yet been able to confirm who is responsible for this, “said the statement,” if the investigation is complete, the ELN’s policy is to maintain the safety of individuals and Freedom of the press and to respond to rapid liberation in cooperation with the relevant humanitarian organisations. ‘

The ELN also warns that the army and police should not interfere with the case.


In Colombia there were reports circulating that the abducted presenter Derk Bolt and his cameraman Eugenio Follender would quickly be released. But it was not confirmed that the kidnappers were contacted.

Richard Claro, a member of one of the humanitarian organisations who sometimes maintains contacts with armed groups like the ELN, told Caracol Radio that they may be released even today. There would be mediated in the case. According to Claro, they were captured on Saturday in the village of Versalles in the municipality of Tibú in the department of Norte de Santander. The ELN group who carried out the abduction would be the Personería de Tibú.

No confirmation

Other Colombian media report that there was no confirmation that contact was made with the group. The Dutch ambassador in Colombia Jeroen Roodenburg is be present in the region.

Edgar Andrés Pallares, secretary of the department of Norte de Santander, said that there are “different actions of humanitarian nature” in the region. The army would act reluctantly and facilitatively.

The area where the two Dutch were abducted is mountainous and difficult to access. It is located in the northeast of the country against the Venezuelan border. Coca is being cultivated and there are many laboratories to make cocaine paste and cocaine. Several armed groups are active in the area.

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