This is how English criminals get inside ATM machines VIDEO

Ram raid with shovel in Aughnacloy English Criminals use new method

English Criminals

English Criminals – While criminals in the Netherlands are increasingly using heavy explosives to get inside ATM machines, there is currently another trend developing in the UK when it comes to the breaking of ATMs. Criminals start using mining shovels on a regular basis to get to the money. They manage to leave the place with the complete insides of the ATM.

The criminals work as follows. A four-wheel drive car with trailer drives to the ATM. Then a stolen shovel and a passenger car arrive. On the video below you can see that the driver of the passenger car closes the parking lot so other people can’t enter, his passenger helps with the actual breaking of the ATM. The shovel first hits the wall where the ATM is in, then pulls it away. After that, the ATM machine is loaded on the trailer of the four-wheel drive by the shovel.

Video footage

The English police released images of a ATM robbery with a shovel in Hatton, a town southeast of Birmingham yesterday. It was the third time in two months that such a robbery was made in that region. In all cases the damage to the buildings was enormous. The perpetrators in Hatton managed to escape.

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