Englishman arrested for Dominican pit murders

Englishman arrested in connection with dominican republic pit murders


The Colombian authorities arrested a 35-year-old Englishman in collaboration with Interpol on suspicion of the murder of Cuma Ceviz and Rachid Benbouker. These two men from Amsterdam-West were found last June in a pit dug in a sugar cane field in the province of El Seibo, in the Dominican Republic. Most likely, they were shot first and then dumped into the hole.


The detained man is called Michael Joseph Murphy and is presented to the public in a typical Colombian manner. The suspect was arrested at the request of authorities in the Dominican Republic. He almost managed to leave Colombia through the airport and already had a plane ticket to Great Britain.

Cuma Ceviz en Rachid Benbouker


In earlier reports, the Dominicans appeared to be searching for two assassins from Curacao in connection with these murders. One does not exclude the other. The Englishman could be involved in the murders without having to pull the trigger himself. On the other hand, he is considered a murder suspect. Also, a Spanish suspect was arrested in this case, Erik P. or Erick P. A man who lived in a luxury villa, a place that the murdered men would have visited shortly before their death.

Benbouker (left), and Cuma Ceviz (right) lived in Amsterdam-West. A local broadcast of the discovery of the two bodies can be seen below (the first video can be considered shocking).

Drug trafficking

The murders are most likely related to drug trafficking. It would have to do with the seizure of a large amount of cocaine at Juan Dolio.


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