This is how you escape from handcuffs and steal a police car (video)

Toscha sponsler steals police car and escapes handcuffs

Escaping Handcuffs

A 33-year-old woman who has been arrested for shoplifting manages to escape her handcuffs and then drive of in the arresting officers police car. Despite the lead she had on the officers, she could still be arrested after a 23-mile long chase reaching speeds up to 100 Mph.

Police in Lufkin, Texas, uploaded the video on Facebook this week. Toscha Sponsler was arrested for shoplifting. When officers thought she had been locked up safely in the back of the police car, she saw her chance.

She is now in custody in the Angelina County jail. She can be released on bail if she manages to collect $18,000. Sponsler is facing several charges for the police chase and one drug possession charge.


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