Worlds Most Expensive Bottle Of Vodka Stolen From Danish Cafe

Worlds Most Expensive Bottle Of Vodka Russo Baltique Stolen From Danish Cafe

Most Expensive Vodka

Vodka – The bottle of Russo Baltique is worth a little over one and a half million euros.

Cafe 33, in Copenhagen, Denmark is made for vodka fans. 1200 different vodkas are sold. Crown on the collection is a bottle of ‘Russo Baltique’ worth 8 million Danish Kroner or slightly over one and a half million euros. And that exact bottle was stolen yesterday.

Russo Baltique
A Bottle Of Russo Baltique

Car Leather

The stolen bottle weighs around three kilos and contains a large amount of inlaid gold and silver. In addition, the bottle contains a piece of leather from the seat of a sports car that once participated in the Monte Carlo Rally. You couldn’t make this up, even if you tried.

Later it turned out that there is security footage of the two thieves.


Really fucked up for the owners of course. However, They will most likely be well insured for something like this. The bottle was in fact not a personal property but borrowed from a Latvian-Russian company named Dartz. A company that originally made cars but has been taking over the market for luxury vodkas by storm. The bottle is also sold in Monaco and was shown in the third seasons of House Of Cards.

Tourist Attraction

Cafe 33 also loses a huge tourist attraction. Drinking the Russo Baltique is too expensive for most. But after a long ‘look’, visitors often buy a more affordable drink.


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