Father Strangles His 5-year-old son To Death In Cupramontana



Son – The 24-year-old Macedonian father is believed to suffer from psychological problems.

A Family drama in Italy this week. Yesterday news came out that a father strangled his five-year-old son, Hamid, so badly that it resulted in the young boy’s death. The dad, of Macedonian origin, had taken his son out ‘for a drive’ in his Toyota Yaris.

Father Strangled His 5-year-old son To Death In Cupramontana



The incident took place in Cupramontana, a small municipality near the city of Ancona. The father was arrested immediately after the murder and has admitted the murder during interrogations, according to Italian authorities. It took some time, however, to get the father to confess. Suddenly, after hours of questioning, Besart admitted: “Yes, it was me.”


According to local newspapers until six months ago, Besart was a welder at a company in the Jesolo area. But he lost his job and suddenly everything changed. He was never a violent man,” says the 58-year-old grandfather of Hamid to the police. “But he did have frequent mood swings.”

Thursday afternoon, Besart is in his house with his 24-year-old wife, who is now seven months pregnant and is expecting their third child. In the house, you can also find the 5-year-old Hamid and his little brother of 3 years old. Besart tells his wife that he will take Hamid for a short ride at around 18:00, despite the fact that it is very cold outside. Father and son go out, step in their Toyota Yaris parked outside, and then what should not have happened happens.


At around 18:15 emergency services receive a call for help. Paramedics found a child lying lifeless on the floor with no traces of blood. They attempted CPR on the little boy for over 40 minutes but were too late.


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