Old FBI surveillance car In original state accidentally auctioned (VIDEO)

FBI surveillance van auctioned ebay dodge ram 350


In the American state of North Carolina, a Dodge Ram 350 has emerged that has served the FBI as an inconspicuous surveillance vehicle. The car was on auction as government equipment. The special thing was that it was packed with original equipment – and detection materials.

23,000 miles

The car from 1989  was a hit on eBay. It had apparently been at the forefront of criminals and terrorists in his working life as there was only 23,000 miles on the counter. The car was not cleaned by the officials in advance of the auction.


The cameras, monitors, and audio equipment were still present. The buyers also found cassettes with tapped phone calls. From the material they realized that the vehicle had served as an inconspicuous surveillance vehicle for the FBI until 2013. A bed and a toilet were also present for the occupants.

In the meantime, the car was sold after 47 bids for 18,700 dollars.

Here is the video of how the car looks both from the in and out side.


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