UK police fears that croydon cat killer might target humans

UK authorities fear that Croydon Cat Killer might target humans next

Croydon Cat Killer

croydon cat killer – Authorities In Croydon, United Kingdom fear that the Croydon cat killer, who is almost certainly responsible for killing over 400 cats in a cruel manner might start to target humans next.


The Croydon cat killer always has the same modus operandi. He cuts the cats tail off, decapitates the animal, takes out its intestines and exhibits the remains in a remarkable way so that they are found by the public, and preferably by the owners of the animals. For example in their garden or in front of a window.


Cutting is done with surgical precision. He (or she) operates smart because he only kills if he is out of sight of surveillance cameras. The animals are lured with raw meat and then beaten to death with a blunt object.

Serial killers

The police believe that the killer has been active since 2015. The frequency of the murders seems to increase in recent months.

There is a proven link between systematic animal abuse and the behavior of serial killers. Very often psychopathic serial killers have started with hurting animals or combine the killing of humans and animals. In British media, the police expressed the fear that the perpetrator might also target people.

Another characteristic of some serial killers is that they have to increase the number of victims in order to get the same satisfaction.

Serial killers also often prefer working in a familiar environment. It is therefore suspected that the perpetrator himself lives in Croydon, a southern suburb of London.


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