Female serial killer refuses psychological assessment

Janet S. Female serial killer refuses psychological assessmen

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment – Janet S. aged 31 is responsible for the death of 2 men: Hachmi Dani in 2003 and Ton Kuijf in 2014. In both murders, sex played a role. For the last murder, she was sentenced 20 years in prison. S. decided to appeal that verdict. the prosecution now wants Janet S. psychologically examined.  S. refuses in the hope that she can avoid detention under hospital orders.

In general, judges are unwilling to impose detention under hospital orders (TBS) if no psychiatric or psychological assessment has been done. A discussion about this started during the case of Anne Faber. Suspect Michael P. had not received TBS after raping two minor girls in 2010.

Pieter Baan Center

The handsome Janet S. also rejects research by the Pieter Baan Center, became clear in Arnhem yesterday. The Public Prosecution wants such research to take place. “She has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, which means she will return to society. We need to know if she does not suffer from a disorder that increases the risk of repetition. S. has been sentenced two times for two different murders, this should not happen again. ”

Chalet Murder

Janet S. has been sentenced to 20 years after killing businessman Ton Kuijf in a chalet in the city of Ermelo. The two met each other through a dating site for sex. Kuijf was found with a large number of stab wounds. The chalet was eventually burned down. The case became known as the so-called chalet murder. The public prosecutor had demanded TBS against Janet S. and in addition 20 years in prison. The TBS was not granted. In addition to Janet S., a few others were convicted, including Youri B. (2 years), Joyce N. (1.5 years) and Danny S., Janet’s brother (1 year).


In 2006, Janet S. was sentenced to 4 years for manslaughter. The victim was the Algerian Hachmi Dani. He was stabbed in his home in The Hague by S. along with a girlfriend after having brought the two to his house. After they had stabbed him, they tied his feet, the defenseless Dani eventually bled to death.

Mental disorder

According to the lawyers of S. in the current appeal (of the Chalet Murder), there is no mental disorder present at Janet. the lawyers find old reports, made after the murder of Hachmi Dani no longer relevant. Back then experts spoke of a borderline disorder with antisocial characteristics.

The court will decide in two weeks whether or not Janet S. has to be assessed at the Pieter Baan Center.

Watch the video about the worlds worst female serial killer below.


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