First white man’s death sentence executed for the murder of a black man

Mark James Asay first white man death sentence executed for killing black man

Death Sentence

Death sentence – In America, for the first time, a white man’s death sentenced has been executed for the murder of a black man. The 53-year-old Mark James Asay murdered two people back in 1987. One black man and a white-Hispanic man.


In the US state of Florida, Asay was executed for the murder of two men in Jacksonville. The two victims were killed on the same day, during two different incidents, the newspaper writes. Asay would have had racist motives in at least one of the two murders. According to previous articles in the Tampa Bay Times newspaper, Asay’s last lawyer had previously successfully requested postponement of his execution for his client because his case file couldn’t be found.

White man

It is the first time since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1979 that a white man is executed for the death of a black man. Since the reinstatement, 93 people were executed, including two women. During the execution, a new drug was used to bring the suspect under anesthesia. The commonly used midazolam is increasingly difficult to obtain since producers no longer willing to sell their drug for use in executions.

Advice from Jury

In Florida, in parallel with this case, there has been a legal discussion for a while as to whether or not jury’s have had enough input in the verdict of death sentences in that state. The Supreme Court in the U.S. Has ruled that the judge may only give the death sentence after he has received the jury’s advice. Should this ruling keep hold in Florida, this could retroactively affect all pronounced death sentences so far, writes the Tampa Bay Times.


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