Five arrests made in the murder of Ferry Bakx on bonaire

Ferry Bakx coffin

Five arrests in case killing police officer Ferry Bakx Bonaire

ferry bakx

The police arrested 5 men possibly involved in the murder of Ferry Bakx on the island of Bonaire Tuesday evening. Ferry Bakx died earlier this month when he was called in with a few colleges to check on a possible burglary.

They also searched the house were the 5 suspects where staying during the arrest. Two men were already arrested earlier in connection to the murder and one of them has since then been released. He is still considered a suspect.

Ferry Bakx was shot down on the 18th of August while chasing multiple suspects of a burglary. He died later in hospital at the age of 45.


Ferry emigrated to Bonaire with his girlfriend in early 2012. He left the Netherlands because he got a job offer to work at the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force.
All colleagues of the K.P.C.N. wish his girlfriend , family and friends a lot of strength and power through these difficult times.

Minister of Security and Justice Ard van der Steur calls it a “horrific murder ” and told ” if requested, to provide all possible assistance ” to trace the perpetrators. ” Police officers fight for our security every day,” says Van der Steur . “That an officer has died in this brave work, is a big blow for the whole corps . ”

The Netherlands has since then send 20 investigators to Bonaire to help in the investigation of his murder.


Ferry Bakx has received two ceremonial funerals. One in Bonaire and the other one in the Netherlands. Two of his colleges from Bonaire led the funeral in the Netherlands.
Both ceremonies have been recorded and can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here and here.

Ferry Bakx died doing what he loved and it’s sad to see his dream so cruelly shattered.

Ferry Bakx death



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